Can i use flex seal on ductwork?

How to seal ducts and vents. The following video will maximize your success in preparing for a flood with the Flex Seal flood protection line. Ventilation vents and vents can vary in shape and design, so it's important to seal off any area where water can enter. If you have been putting off coating your air conditioning system because the process takes a long time and causes intense odors, the solution has arrived.

Flex Seal is the quick solution for Arizona's HVAC coating needs. Unlike many sealants, Flex Seal needs little drying time and has minimal odor. If you're looking for expert help, K&M Facility Services of AZ is the best choice when it comes to applying sealant and maintaining your air conditioning system. Flex Seal 450 is a polypropylene tape that can be torn by hand to seal flexible class 1 air ducts and connectors.

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