How effective is aeroseal duct sealing?

Aeroseal has been proven to reduce air leaks by up to 90%, resulting in significant energy savings for homeowners and commercial properties. In addition, by sealing leaks and cracks in air ducts, you can enjoy better indoor air quality and greater comfort inside your home or office. Plus, sealing ducts is the best home improvement you can do from an energy standpoint. Aeroseal can reduce duct leaks by up to 90% and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

The system uses a small, powerful compressor to introduce the aerosol-based sealant into the ducts. The sealant then adheres to the metal surfaces of the ducts, forming an airtight, durable seal. The Aeroseal application process uses a computer to monitor the entire process. At the end of the task, the technician will perform a test to measure the difference in energy efficiency before and after the sealing process. Without a doubt, Aeroseal is very effective in reducing energy waste by eliminating leaks. The sealant used by Aeroseal is non-toxic and has been used in hospitals, surgical centers and government buildings around the world.

As a result of reviewing the network and finding techniques that were not productive, I published that my life was over. It uses synthetic nanoparticles, which are tiny particles that are specially manufactured to bind together and create a way to prevent air from escaping, in order to make the ducts as airtight as possible. An Aeroseal system is a technology that seals the leak of ducts from the inside using an aerosol-based aerosol. The Aeroseal technician will then connect the sealing machine using a plastic tube to the ducts.

The sealing particles go to the leak points (joints, joints, gaps) of the duct network and adhere to the edge of the opening and begin to form a seal. Cleaning ducts by a professional reduces the amount of dust circulating around the living room, reducing the amount of cleaning and dusting needed to maintain a hygienic house. In most homes, you can only seal 10% of ducts by hand, while you can seal more than 95% of ducts with the AeroSeal process. Yes, Aeroseal can be used to seal sheet metal HVAC ducts lined with concrete slabs under the right conditions.

One side goes to the supply port and the other to the return port that has just been installed in the ducts of my house. The sealant used by Aeroseal has been tested in an independent laboratory and has been found to have an extremely low VOC concentration over the time of sealed. If the leaks are of various sizes, you must first clean the large holes before carrying out an Aeroseal treatment. Below are the thermal images of the ducts I made in what I consider to be a normal house.

I would like to add that I have been very successful in sealing ducts in homes with flat roofs, using long poles, perseverance and chevrons of putty.

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