Is duct sealing worth the cost?

With proper duct sealing, homeowners can save an average of 20% on their energy costs. Longer life of air conditioning systems: sealing ducts improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, allowing the machine to work less to maintain air temperature. In addition to the money you can save on your energy bills, sealing your air ducts can help you financially in other, possibly unexpected, ways. Since duct sealing can be expensive, you're probably wondering if it makes sense to invest in the service right from the start. We'll discuss each of the benefits in more detail in this blog.

We'll also share how to know for sure if you need to seal your ducts. Do you want your ductwork to be inspected or sealed by a trusted Phoenix professional? Let's take a closer look at 3 of the main advantages of duct sealing. In fact, according to EnergyStar, leaking ducts can reduce the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system by up to 20%. This means that if you have leaked ducts, you'll experience higher monthly energy bills and additional wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Sealing the ducts will ensure that the air conditioner reaches your home as it should, instead of escaping into the attic. Dust, insulation particles, and other debris from the attic can enter your home if your ductwork leaks. These particles can aggravate allergies and cause other health problems. In addition, leaks in ducts can cause a problem called retroflection.

Backflow occurs when flue gases from appliances (such as a water heater, clothes dryer, or oven) return to the house, instead of being released outside as they normally would. Inhaling these flue gases is dangerous and can cause serious health problems. Sealing ducts prevents debris from entering the house and minimizes the risk of backward drafts. EnergyStar estimates that the average home loses between 20 and 30% of the air that passes through the duct system due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts.

If you see those signs, the best way to know for sure if you need to seal your ducts is to have them inspected by a trusted professional. A certified HVAC professional will have the necessary tools and equipment to check for leaks and determine their exact location. We will always start by inspecting the ducts to determine where the leaks are. We'll show you visual proof that your ducts are leaking and then provide you with an initial estimate of the cost of sealing them.

When you hire George Brazil to seal your pipelines, you can count on excellent customer service and rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. Learn more about what to expect when you hire us by reading about our unique red carpet treatment and viewing our duct sealing service page. George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating provides the Phoenix area with professional, old-fashioned and high-quality customer service to create comfortable, healthy, safe and energy efficient places to live and work. GBPR, LLC is a licensee of the George Brazil trademark and provides heating and cooling services only in Maricopa and Pinal counties in Arizona. Professionals have the means to identify air leaks in air ducts more efficiently than most homeowners who work on their own.

If your air ducts are not properly sealed, you run the risk of these harmful gases reaching your home through “drafts”, rather than being safely disposed of. In the same way, well-sealed air ducts help ensure that expensive air ducts connected devices work properly.

Sealing air ducts

is another crucial part of the process of maintaining a safe, effective and efficient HVAC system. However, in a typical home, 20 to 30 percent of the air that passes through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.

Sometimes, the connections between the air ducts become loose or the ducts themselves have cracks or holes. These symptoms usually occur in homes where the ducts are not visible, or when you find tangled or crooked ducts if you have access to them. In addition to helping to seal air ducts, Filterbuy LOCAL offers professional duct cleaning and professional dryer rack cleaning services, which go hand in hand with a comprehensive indoor air solution. The problem with duct leaks is that they restrict the amount of air designed to reach each area of the living room.

However, if there are several leaks or large air leaks, the most sustainable and durable option is probably to ask a professional to install air duct sealing. If you have any questions about the process of sealing air ducts or want to learn more about how to keep your home's heating and cooling system working in top condition, the experts at Filterbuy LOCAL are always there here to help you. According to Energy Star, when it's time to upgrade, having an air duct system that works well and already works efficiently can also allow you to upgrade to even more efficient and lower-cost appliances that provide even better dehumidification than your current appliances. Sealing air ducts is a foolproof way to reduce your monthly energy bill and increase your home's energy efficiency.

The downside of sealing your own ducts is that there may be places that are nearly impossible to reach inside the air duct system...

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