Is sealing air ducts worth it?

With proper duct sealing, homeowners can save an average of 20% on their energy costs. Longer life of air conditioning systems: sealing ducts improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, allowing the machine to work less to maintain air temperature. In fact, sealing leaks in ducts will maintain the life of your air conditioning system. But it will also preserve the air quality in your home, and you can do more than that.

With proper air duct sealing, you can generally save between 10 and 30% on your HVAC costs per year.

Sealing air ducts with adhesive tape or a paintable sealing product, such as putty, prevents the air conditioner from escaping, allowing the air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

Sealing air ducts works and is the best way to ensure the performance of your HVAC unit and reduce utility costs. However, before we dive into sealing air ducts, let's see how to identify leaks in air ducts. This way, you can locate leaks and develop an effective plan for dealing with the problem.

You can effectively prevent further damage to the unit by inspecting the air ducts to detect and repair leaks in the ducts. Similar to the inspection, having a professional seal the air ducts will likely save you a lot of time and frustration. Sealing air ducts and keeping your home's energy consumption in balance will help make your bills more predictable over time. These symptoms usually occur in homes where the ducts are not visible or when tangled or crooked ducts are found if the ducts are accessible to you.

Sometimes, the connections between the air ducts become loose or the ducts themselves have cracks or holes. Whether you're cooling or heating your home, sealing your ducts will allow you to better control your home's climate and for less money. However, the connections between the ducts loosen over time and form holes, causing air to escape before reaching its intended destination. If you think your air ducts are leaking, you should consider seeking professional help to identify and repair them. Air ducts are paths through which air passes from mechanical appliances, such as heating or air conditioning, to the rest of the house.

To take your air sealing to the next level and further minimize air leaks, you can install an insulation system in your ducts. Detecting a leak in an air duct can be difficult, especially since most ducts are embedded inside walls and are difficult to access. Sealing air ducts is a small but significant step in reducing energy consumption and being in control of your own energy needs. In addition to using aluminum adhesive tape and sealing putty, insulation can be installed around the ducts to minimize any heat loss in the air surrounding the duct.

In addition to the money you can save on your energy bills, sealing your air ducts can help you financially in other, possibly unexpected, ways. The downside of sealing your own ducts is that there may be places that are nearly impossible to reach inside the air duct system.

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