How much energy is lost in ductwork?

Typical air duct systems lose between 25 and 40% of the heating or cooling energy produced by the cooling and heating system. Energy Star reports that 20 to 30 percent of all air that passes through a ducting system is lost due to leaks. They state that, by sealing and insulating ducts, greater energy savings, better indoor air quality and greater safety could be achieved. According to Energy Star, approximately 20% of the air that circulates through the house is lost. This is due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts.

In a typical home, about 20 percent of air conditioning is lost due to leaks in ducts. If the system has large leaks, you may lose more than the normal percentage. So, you're spending money on heating or cooling the air, but a percentage of this air isn't providing your home with the heat or air conditioning it needs. We're talking about energy lost through leaks in ducts, but the health risks associated with air leaks in air ducts are just as important.

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